Your package can accumulate pollution, whether it was sent through air, sea, or by land. But luckily, there are lots of ways you can do to at least reduce the possible environmental impact. Are you searching for ways to maintain the Earth’s freshness, and help you to maintain a green shipping budget, you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to show you the effective ways coming from the experts, enabling you to save a good shipping budget while maintaining the world green. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

1. Create a Return Plan

Online ShoppingSince companies are shipping multiple items due to online sales, there’s a high chance that some customers will request a return or exchange. This only means that creating a return plan is a wise action. When creating a return plan, make sure that you will not just consider the costs but also the environment.

Some people think that this can be ecologically irresponsible. But let us look at the other side, if the defected item gets broken rather than returning it, the disposal process can impact the environment differently. But if you receive a request for a return for the less valuable orders, you might consider giving them a new set or goods without getting back the old one.

2. Offset Your Carbon Footprint

It cannot be denied that even the greenest good shipper can still produce an environmental footprint. But you might consider purchasing offset credits to prevent leaving unnecessary environmental footprints. Some green shippers enable you to prevent the environmental impact on your shipping packages by asking for a few amounts that will be sent to the other renewable energy resources.

Aside from that, it can also monitor the packages. This will enable you to view the transport information, which includes the transfers and vehicle type. Aside from that, you will also determine the accumulated amount of carbon dioxide in the package.

3. Schedule Pickup


Since the delivery vehicles are out to perform their purposes, scheduling a package pickup would be an eco-friendlier idea compared to delivering it right next to your door. Most of the routes for delivery service are fuel-efficient. That being said, shipping companies can deliver your orders directly to your house. Inquire at the local post office near you to pick up your orders without requiring you to pay an additional amount. But, when you hire FedEx, you need to add 4 US Dollars for every package you want to get delivered. The charging rates will depend upon your package.

4. Look for a Green Shipper

Some last-mile couriers are using transportation vehicles that produce a low level of carbon dioxide emission. Try to look for these eco-friendly solutions and make sure your customers are well aware you are using it. Sometimes it might help the end-client decide faster if they want to buy from you or not.

5. Keep the Size in Mind

Keep the Size of package in MindConsider its size. Think of this; when the package has lesser volume and smaller size will not only prevent you from using numerous materials. It also helps you to make sure that it will take lesser space on a truck, boat, or plan. This means that smaller-sized packages can enhance the carbon footprint.

For instance, Apple is being popularized by many device users because of its simple packaging. On the other hand, the consumer-electronics company is doing its best to make the product more valuable and work efficiently despite its packaging.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Filling Material

Styrofoam is the main material used by many shipping companies that will protect the package from the cold, heat, drops, and bumps. But this material can cause harm to nature in different ways. Not only because this is a material made from petroleum, but the process of how it is being produced can create a lot of waste, which is not good for the environment.

Consider using fibrous blocking materials, which include the corrugated inserts, to prevent this from happening. This will help the companies to have an enhanced sourcing process for materials and packaging. Another filling material you might consider is the EcoCradle Mushroom Packaging. This is a bio-material, which is one of the good alternatives to Styrofoam.

Even though the size of the box will affect the price range, the biodegradable filters are competitively priced.

7. Opt for Recycled Content

Opt for Recycled ContentYou can ask for certifications showing that the box you are using is eco-friendly. Since the papers are made from the trees, you might consider using boxes that are made from the areas that can sustain the number of trees. You might consider looking for the certified packaging from the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).

To determine if the package is made from environmentally-friendly materials, look for the triangular chasing arrow logo. The logo entails the recycled content contain by the box. Aside from that, you might also look for the C2C, or the Cradle to Cradle certified boxes. This comes with inks and adhesives that are safe to the environment. Worry not about any possible harm your package can cause to the environment.

Those are the top seven ways you can do to make sure that you are shipping your packages without causing any harm to the environment.

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