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Recent Deals – 3 August

Looking for the latest market movement in cleantech?  From agriculture and food to energy, transportation and sustainable materials through 3D printing, you’ve found the insight you’re looking for. Agriculture & Food  Better Meat, provider of plant-based meat alternatives and ingredients, raised $8.1 million in seed funding from Greenlight Capital, Green Circle Foodtech Ventures, Johnsonville Ventures  and Lever VC. Better Meat value proposition is …

Green techonlogie

Semiconductor firm Applied Materials puts supply chain at center of new commitments

The sustainability ambitions of the world’s largest cloud software companies — Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce — have been well-documented. The broad semiconductor industry’s position to date, however, has been less transparent and less ambitious, with the highly visible exceptions of AMD, IBM and Intel.  That stance is shifting, as the sector contemplates the explosive …