Are you looking to add smart home products to your house but don’t want to upgrade all of your technology? 

A smart power strip is an affordable way to seamlessly get controllable lights, cameras, speakers, pool pumps and more while still having the same benefits as a smart home.

Maybe you’re looking to have smart products in your office or lights that shut off automatically at bedtime. Or perhaps you want a schedulable, voice-controlled option for your home decorations.

Regardless of the smart home technology you’d like incorporated into your daily life, you’ll be amazed at the impact a smart power strip will have when it comes to upgrading your home.

Don’t miss our list of the six best smart power strips that will allow you to monitor, manage and control all of your plugged-in smart products from anywhere at any time. 

Top Smart Power Strips

Here are our picks for the best smart power strips. They combine design, features and affordability in various sizes to suit your needs.

1. APC Smart Plug Surge Protector

The APC Smart Plug Surge Protector seamlessly blends top-tier electrical protection and several smart plug options. 

APC backs up this product with a two-year warranty and a $150,000 connected equipment protection policy. If you’re looking for assurances, this is it. If their product fails, you are covered.

While the voice control feature only works with a connected Alexa device, Apple and Android users can also control the smart power strip through the APC Home app. 

This functionality is how you can set a schedule that powers up and down at any time without input from you beyond the initial setup.

APC included six outlets in this power strip, but only three are smart device compatible. The three additional USB ports make charging devices easy without the bulk of three additional charging blocks. 

This feature makes the power strip a great choice if you have many things in one area that need connecting. However, you’ll have to choose only three for smart control.

The APC is best for people who have expensive devices they want backed up with quality surge protection. It’s also ideal for people who aren’t looking for extensive voice control or HomeKit options.


  • Six outlets, including three USB ports
  • Protection policy
  • Works with iOS and Android via app


  • Only three of the six outlets are smart outlets
  • Bulky
  • Voice control feature only works with a connected Alexa device

2. Eve Energy Strip

The Eve Energy strip has a modern, sleek design that might make you reconsider hiding your power strip behind everything. 

It boasts three spaciously set, independently controlled outlets. These can be managed via Siri, the iOS Home app on iPhone or iPad, the Eve for HomeKit app, Apple Watch or physical buttons on the strip itself.

You can track your total power consumption for the whole strip and learn the projected cost for the energy you’re using on the app. It allows you to utilize standby mode to turn items off and save energy. 

Currently, the device doesn’t offer the ability to see what each individual outlet is using. However, the strip as a whole still gives you good information when it comes to reducing your energy usage.

The LED indicator lights are soft and will not light up your rooms at night, which is a bonus if you’re using this energy strip where you sleep. 

A helpful child lock feature will prevent the power strip from being shut off accidentally. This is particularly useful if you’re using it in a child’s bedroom. 

The Eve Energy Strip can be scheduled with specific on and off times or can be set to randomly turn items on and off to simulate someone being home while you’re away on vacation. 

You can also use the timer settings to start turning lights on automatically before you arrive home. 

Eve has advanced security and data privacy measures along with ETL-certified surge protection. In fact, it’s one of the only smart power strips on the list that includes stringent measures of data protection.

Consequently, this power strip is ideal for those who are concerned about privacy and security.


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Each outlet works independently
  • Surge, over-voltage and overcurrent protection
  • Child lock


  • Only works with HomeKit
  • Expensive
  • Only three outlets available and no USB ports

3. Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug by TP-Link Smart Home Wifi Outlet

The Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug is a great smart home solution. With two individually controlled smart outlets, you can control your outdoor or holiday lighting, pool pumps, sprinklers, speakers and much more.

Its compact design makes it less noticeable on the outside of your home. The KP400 is made of fire preventative material and comes with an IP64 dust and waterproof outer shell. 

Keep in mind that the outlets themselves are not water or dustproof, so you’ll want to follow the instructions and let it hang facing down to protect it from the elements. 

Kasa backs the product up with a two-year warranty.

This smart plug has many great features, the first of which is its long Wi-Fi range of up to 300 feet. You can plug it in on a shed or garage outlet rather than only being able to use it on the outside of your house. 

Voice control is available through Google or Alexa, allowing you to control the strip from anywhere using your smartphone and the Kasa Smart app. 

The app also has the ability to set schedules. It even offers an away mode where it automatically turns on your devices while you’re gone to simulate your presence.

The countdown timer is a helpful feature, allowing you to set a timer at the end of which your devices will shut off automatically. 

This can be great for timed items such as sprinklers and coffee makers or for holiday lights you only want running for a few hours in the evening. 

If you have other Kasa Smart Home devices, you can create interactions between your Kasa equipment. 

For example, if you plug in outdoor lighting to this smart plug and you have a Kasa Smart Camera, you can set them up so that the camera automatically turns on your outdoor lighting when it detects motion. 

If you are looking for the ultimate in smart home integration, this smart power strip may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.


  • Affordable
  • Outdoor certified
  • Supports Alexa and Google Home
  • Two Outdoor Smart Outlets
  • IP64 Waterproof and Dustproof outer shell


  • Limited space for devices
  • Short power cord
  • Doesn’t support HomeKit

4. Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Power Strip and Surge Protector

The Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Power Strip and Surge Protector is another win for Kasa. 

With six independently controlled outlets and three USB ports, you can manage an entire home office, mega-sized entertainment systems and almost anything else from this one power strip. 

Voice control options include Alexa, Google or Microsoft Cortana. Additionally, you can control it from anywhere using the Kasa Smart app. 

It’s easy to set schedules individually or combined. Better yet, this power strip’s ETL-certified surge protection will help you feel confident when you connect your devices.

The Kasa Smart App offers energy monitoring so you can check the consumption of each device connected to a plug. You can also use the app to turn off each one that is draining power while not in use.

This smart power strip is great for environmentally conscious buyers who want to make sure their energy consumption is kept to a minimum.


  • Six smart outlets and three USB ports
  • ETL certified surge protection
  • Scheduling and monitoring


  • Does not work with HomeKit
  • Short three-foot cord
  • Smaller space between outlets

5. Meross Smart Power Strip

If you are looking for a balance between affordability and premium quality features, the Meross Smart Power Strip fits the bill. It has four individually controlled outlets and four group-controlled USB ports. 

This power strip’s group-controlled USB ports are a useful benefit, allowing you to set a timer to stop charging your devices rather than having them draw energy all night long while they are fully charged. 

The strip is made from fire preventative material and has ETL-certified surge protection.

Easily control the strip using HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Google or SmartThing. Each outlet and the four USB ports can be controlled from anywhere using the Meross app for iOS and Android.

The app also allows you to set schedules for your connected devices. It even has a sunrise/sunset mode that will automatically turn things on when you wake up or off at bedtime depending on your preferred settings. 

Ultimately, this is where your vision of a bedroom where the light automatically shuts off, rain starts playing and the fan turns on comes to fruition.

For buyers who want easy controllability, the Meross Smart Power Strip could be the perfect solution.


  • Four independently controlled outlets and four group-controlled USB ports
  • ETL certified surge protection
  • Compatible with HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Google and SmartThingsl


  • No warranty
  • No privacy protection

6. Linganzh Smart Power Strip

The Linganzh Smart Power Strip is a great choice for those who want an affordable option that offers the basics when it comes to smart controlled devices.

It includes four independently controlled smart outlets equipped with high-quality surge protection. However, it does not have any USB ports. 

Regardless, it is a great choice for home office, entertainment, smart lighting and many other smart home options. 

It can be set up quickly and without the need for a hub. You can use the compatible voice control through Google or Alexa. It’s also possible to control it from anywhere with the app.

This smart power strip features scheduling ability for each individual plug, giving you the freedom to determine what stays on and what turns off. It also includes a countdown timer to shut off your devices.

Linganzh offers a 13-month warranty for quality-related issues, making this plug a great option for those who want added peace of mind that their purchase is protected.


  • Low cost
  • Alexa, Goole and IFTTT support
  • Quick setup


  • No USB ports
  • Non-flat plug head


A great smart power strip will protect your devices, allow you to control them remotely or via voice commands and offer the number of outlets that work for your needs. It will also fit within your budget. 

Incorporating smart home products into your current home without extensive and invasive rewiring is easy and affordable when you plug your smart equipment into a smart power strip. 

Control your lights, fans, cameras, outdoor lighting, speakers and more with voice commands or through an app. You can have as much or as little integration as you want depending on what you buy.

No matter which option you choose, purchasing any smart power strip from this list ensures that you won’t go wrong.