What did you think of the release last Wednesday? A
lot of cool things have been added! But there were also a lot of
great projects shared this week from the community and we have
selected the best for you. So here’s the 16th edition of the Home
Assistant Community Highlights!

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Blueprint of the week

You’re leaving home and oh dear! It turns out that one of your lights
is on 💡 What if you then receive a notification with an option to switch
off the light, without having to open the Home Assistant app first?

With the blueprint from vorion
you can easily get started to create your own actionable notifications, give it
a try. Read more about it on the community forum or install this
automation in your instance with a click on the my button!

Google Home

Long ago it was possible to read the alarms and timers from your Google Home
in Home Assistant, due to a change in the API this was unfortunately no longer possible.

But thanks to a new custom integration
from leikoilja, it’s now possible to integrate alarms
or timers that you have set up on a Google Home device. For example, you could switch
the lights automatically in the morning based on an alarm clock that you have set.

Tempometer Gauge Card

Are you looking for a card to spice up your existing gauge card?
Then try the tempometer gauge card made by SNoof85.

Lovelace Dashboard

This week also a Lovelace dashboard and this time that of agneevX,
the nice thing about this dashboard is that it’s designed from a mobile first principle. Which
means that you make a design / dashboard for the smallest screen (mobile) and then work out step
by step how it will look on a larger screen (desktop).

You can find all his code in this repository on Github.

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