Wink + Sonos is now live!

Wink + Sonos has been a top request from our users for quite some time. We’re thrilled to make it a reality while also expanding our ecosystem of partners into new product categories like media and entertainment.

The Wink Hub 2 is compatible with all Sonos products, which include:

Wink’s seamless discovery process makes adding Sonos to your smart home incredibly simple. Just connect your Sonos system to Wink within our mobile app and start introducing your favorite Sonos playlists to your smart home automations. Make sure your Wink Hub 2 and Sonos system are on the same network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). 

If you a have a motion sensor on your front door, try setting up a Wink Robot that automatically starts playing your favorite playlist on Sonos as soon as you walk in the door. Here’s another idea: create a Wink Shortcut that helps you wind down after a long day. With one tap in the Wink app, Wink will dim your lights, adjust the temperature, and now, play soft, relaxing music throughout your home.

So how will you use Wink + Sonos? Let us know in the comments!