DELVA landscape architecture / urbanism and Team V Architecture have unveiled designs for DPG Media’s new Dutch head office — a sustainability-focused, 46,000-square-meter building that will be one of the largest wooden hybrid offices in the world once complete. Designed in collaboration with Arup, DGMR, SkaaL, SmitsRinsma and Thonik, the new DPG headquarters at the Amstel Business Park in Amsterdam will set an example for future development for the area, which will gradually transform from a traditional business park to a mixed urban area. In addition to providing office space, the building will include restaurants, an events venue and a lushly planted landscape that extends from the ground level to the green roof terraces above.

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Set to break ground in early 2021, DPG Media’s new Dutch headquarters will be constructed on the existing car park next to the printing house of the media company to consolidate all of the company’s Dutch publications, radio stations and online media sections under one roof. In addition to editorial offices and recording studios, the building will feature test labs, meeting labs, restaurants and an events venue with a terrace that faces the docks. 

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rendering of green courtyards and terraces outside large glass building

The building will be primarily built from glulam timber, from the columns to the ceilings, and punctuated with large windows for ample indoor daylighting. The exterior will be clad in locally produced, turquoise-tinted ceramic panels. A continuous plinth of green roof terraces will knit together the building’s three connected volumes and provide occupants with outdoor space to enjoy.

large glass building on the waterfront at dusk

“It’s been fantastic to have the opportunity to design this sustainable hub for DPG Media,” architect Do Janne Vermeulen said. “A versatile office headquarters building with a soft, fluent architecture that introduces a sustainable, green, post-industrial architectural language to the raw and developing context. Ambitious in program, scale and architecture, with an innovative timber construction.” DPG Media is expected to move into its new offices in 2023. 

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