Udacity has announced new training programs developed with Microsoft to help professionals learn highly coveted skills with Microsoft Azure. This collaboration launched June 10 with the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure. Through it, students will have an opportunity to earn a scholarship to a new machine learning Nanodegree program with Microsoft Azure.

You might ask, why are we running an article in Learning Solutions about a scholarship in machine learning? Isn’t that for software engineers… and robots?

Not exactly. Not for robots. L&D supports the development of the skill sets organizations need to solve business problems. This article links you to information about these new opportunities for you and your colleagues in other fields to expand your skills. In addition, machine learning can analyze human performance problems, and that will affect our work in L&D. For their part, employees will need to understand how to work with AI and machine learning applications, so L&D will have to understand the interfaces between workflow and the necessary skill sets. As a practical matter, chatbots (including enterprise versions of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and many more to come) apply AI and machine learning to provide frictionless performance support on the job. Finally, some L&D professionals may want to consider changing the direction of their careers, so they will also want to know about a free route to acquiring this skill set.

Machine learning (ML) is an application of artificial intelligence (AI). With ML, systems can automatically learn and improve from experience. Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based environment for training, deploying, automating, managing, and tracking ML models—from classical ML to deep learning, supervised, and unsupervised learning.

To quote the announcement on the Udacity blog, “With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field continuing to grow at a fast pace and AI engineers in high demand, especially as more enterprises build new cloud applications and move old ones to the cloud, Udacity’s Azure machine learning training program presents an amazing opportunity for those looking to further expand their skill set.”

Udacity’s Nanodegrees are hands-on, project-based courses taught by industry experts that give learners the technology skills that employers value most.

The new Udacity Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure is the first of several programs from Udacity which will deliver training for Azure cloud services. Details are on the Udacity blog. If you’re interested in becoming an Azure Machine Learning engineer and learning from experts at the forefront of the field, you can apply for the scholarship here.

Applications will be open from June 10 to June 30.