I’m creating a software simulation that walks someone through logging into their router and changing some settings.  The various web pages are different sizes and require scrolling down to find some options.

My problem is that every slide must be identical in size.  This seems an arbitrary and capricious restriction.

I can make a ‘page up/page down button’ like thing but I really need the end user to have scroll functionality.

I have ‘panoramic’ screenshots where I have the entire page, but to use it I have to set the project to a much larger and more peculiar size.  This also puts much unneeded whitespace on most pages and generally makes it look like garbage.

The research I’ve done prior to posting here tells me that it is not possible.  That is insane and is the kind of core feature that is going to make me use something else to build this training.  That is also insane and a lot of work.  I really want to find a solution here.