Undeniable Webinar Marketing Benefits For eLearning Lead Generation

There are several webinar marketing benefits to consider, but is it a good fit for your strategy? Why do businesses use webinars in the first place? And how can they help you drum up more business and nurture qualified leads?

A webinar gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience and humanize your brand. With webinars, you also get to address their pain points while promoting your products and services in a subtle way.

Below are 8  overlooked perks of webinar marketing, focusing on lead generation and customer engagement at every stage of the cycle.

8 Reasons To Host Your Own Webinars

Regardless of your buyer personas, specialization area, or target audience, presenting a live webinar can help you improve your brand image. However, the perks don’t stop there. Here are just a few notable reasons to launch a webinar marketing strategy for your eLearning business.

1. Show Off Your Niche Expertise

People who attend webinars are looking for specific information or insights to help them overcome a problem. That problem might also be a skill or knowledge gap they need to fill to make the best buying decision. So webinar marketing is your time to stand in the virtual spotlight and showcase your niche know-how.

Webinars also help you build authority and become an industry thought leader, especially if you host frequent webinars that cover various sub-topics. Speaking of which, it’s essential to find the best topic for your audience based on their needs and goals. Do some audience research and competitive analysis to gauge their expectations and find holes in the current webinar line-up.

2. Demo Products And Services In Real Time

Qualified leads want to know that your product is tried and tested, but they also expect you, the vendor, to stand behind what you’re selling. Namely, that you know the ins and outs of your product or service and offer some sort of guarantee.

Webinars allow you to demonstrate how it works, what it can do, and why they should invest. Attendees can even ask questions about the features or functionalities in real time. Another approach is to highlight your innovation to enhance perceived value.

3. Expand On Already Published Content

Many companies assume that webinar promotion is solely for attracting new leads. However, it’s usually not their first interaction with your brand. In fact, most of your webinar attendees have learned about you through social media posts, blogs, and eBooks.

Thus, webinar marketing gives you the chance to expand on the topic and offer greater insights. For instance, tell them more about cost-cutting compliance measures and how your software can help. This is why tie-in webinars are so beneficial.

4. Make Your Brand More Approachable

Prospects are more likely to emotionally invest in your brand if you seem approachable. It’s doesn’t get much more personal than a webinar where they can directly communicate with your reps or industry experts. They have the ability to share their questions and concerns, as well as familiarize themselves with your core values. Let’s say that your guest speaker (AKA top sales rep) dives into the product upkeep while also sharing insider tips, webinar attendees will know that you value customer service and personalized support.

5. Add A Personal Touch To Ongoing Lead Generation

One of the most overlooked webinar marketing benefits is evergreen lead generation. Recorded webinars are the gift that keeps giving because you can add them to your knowledge base or even incorporate them into future marketing strategies if they are relevant.

Above all, it’s a more personal way to approach prospects and nurture leads that are further down the funnel; for instance, returning customers who are ready to purchase add-ons or upgrades.

6. Gather Valuable Feedback

Webinar guests are often ready and willing to chime in when it comes to constructive criticism. For example, maybe they’d like to see product or service improvements or they’ve had negative experiences with other providers in the past and don’t want to make the same mistakes.

Thus, you can gather feedback directly from qualified leads without any tech barriers. They’re able to share their thoughts and opinions, which you can use to create actionable marketing insights.

7. Expand Your Network

Marketing and consumer education are the primary goals of webinar marketing. But it’s also a great way to build up your network of industry contacts. Invite speakers who’ve already established their authority or welcome newcomers who want to promote their know-how.

You can even offer more incentives, such as cross-promoting their content or links on your site in exchange for their hosting responsibilities. Then, further down the line, they might send business your way or collaborate with you on projects.

8. Boost Conversion Rates

Sometimes prospects just need a little nudge. Maybe they’re on the fence about purchasing your product or service and a webinar pushes them over that edge. Therefore, they’re more likely to convert or, at the very least, move one step closer to sealing the deal.

As an example, they might be looking for a bit more information about your support services of industry knowledge. You can always host a Q&A session at the end to alleviate their concerns and clear up any confusion.

For more details on hosting webinars and getting the leads you crave, click the link below:

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Webinar marketing is one of the most cost-effective, results-driven ways to expand your customer base, but it’s not just about self-promotion. Webinar attendees get the information they need to increase value for money as well as overcome obstacles. Even if they don’t immediately convert into a sale, you’ve already started to build a rapport with each and every person who tunes in.

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