Lazzarini Design calls it the Pagurus or the Crabmaran, and this amphibious catamaran concept is both futuristic and exciting. If you’re in the market for an ultra-luxurious, multipurpose adventure vehicle, this might be for you.

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orange catamaran leaving water and going onto land

Its 82 feet of length matches the long-standing yacht standards for opulence and function, with copious additional features that include solar and water power and the amphibious capability to function on land or in the water.

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orange catamaran on sandy beach
electric vehicle underneath white catamaran

Lazzarini Design of Rome and Dubai is known for finding inspiration in nature, and Pagurus is no exception with its crab-like body. Within that framework, each hull provides a separate living space with up to three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It can host up to eight passengers and four additional crew members. The two areas are connected through a bridge tower deck station, while a bridge steel structure stiffens and reinforces the design.

white catamaran driving on sand
boat interior with dining table

Capable of sailing across the ocean propelled by 890 HP engines at speeds up to 24 knots, Pagurus is supplemented by the energy created by water friction and solar power, both of which can recharge the batteries while the vehicle is in motion. In full electric mode, the vessel can pull five knots for a duration of six to seven hours. This billionaire’s toy can even transport massive loads, including an electric automobile or off-road vehicle, which would be lifted onboard using a crane. Remarkably, Pagurus doesn’t skip a beat when the road ahead is land rather than waves, with the ability to move on sand or mud terrains up to 30kmh.

underside of catamaran sailing on water
orange and gray catamarans on ocean

If this is what your ideal future looks like, Pagurus can be built on demand from a starting price of 6,580,000 euros ranging up to 24,000,000 euros for the Crabmaran version (about $8-29 million). Then again, you might want to consider one of the other six nature-inspired designs by the company, including the previously released Avanguardia the Swan or Prodigium the Shark.

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