Health That Is In Harmony With Reality

Modernity is more synthetic than it is authentic. Think about it critically: how well would you do in a survival situation where you had nothing but the natural world, your brain, and your own two hands to sustain you? Could you live, or not? A kitten could. A sparrow could. Bugs thrive in this environment. But people die in the wilderness all the time despite their intellect. Why?

Well, it has to do with a sort of brainwashing that has a technological cultural component to it. You won’t find the same phenomenon among indigenous tribes or those who scrape an existence out of the mud throughout third-world countries. Such individuals know how to survive.

If you’d like to see how modern people learn to adapt, just look at your average Russian. They’re not going to get excited by a seized up engine or a broken bone. They expect something terrible to happen all the time, and the modern Russian psyche tends to be built around adaptation owing to necessity imposed by the fascist Soviet regime that died in 1989.

This kind of thinking is good, but it’s not good to be thrust into political upheaval to achieve it. What makes more sense is adopting sustainable living practices and knowledge toward better health. In this article, we’re going to briefly define what sustainable health is and go over a few ways you can best achieve it.

Sustainable Health Defined

GeneticsIn a nutshell, you can define sustainable health as a commitment on a personal level aimed at maintaining personal responsibility for health. Often this is done through measures of a preventative nature. Three primary areas are considered: personal constitution via genetics, the environment in which you live, and where you’re at in terms of psychological health.

First: sometimes you’re in a situation where your bodily functions aren’t what they should be. Congenital defects may require continual reliance on modern medical solutions for basic survival. Certainly, this is only a fraction of the population. Beyond dependence, certain genetic traits can make you more or less healthy naturally.

Native American and Japanese DNA tend to make it so such individuals are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. Accordingly, sustainable health may be shifting one’s intake of such substances. We discussed the environment at the top of this page as pertains to Russians. Their environment has been hostile since the 1800s, so they’ve adapted.

Lastly, mental health is very important. Where Americans fail primarily is in the psychological realm. We have a good environment, we have nutrition in vast quantities which, when properly ingested, serves to produce strong genetic profiles. But our minds are full of filth from the media, our politicians, and deliberate psychological operations built around subversion.

How to Enable You And Your Family Toward Sustainable Health

woman Buying organic Sustainable health can take a little effort, but there are options to enable you. Solutions such as Humana health insurance provide access to medical insurance when you need it in a way that ultimately helps retain equity in the face of unexpected medical events.

You want such options available as you go about designing a sustainable health plan for you and yours. Sometimes issues arise as you transition that is unexpected; like a vitamin deficiency that’s been managed by some synthetic food item which you’re trying to avoid. Also, a physical examination can be helpful in showing what to watch out for.

Once you’ve got your bases covered, now it’s time to change up your diet. Get rid of all the nutritional food items that include chemicals or synthetic components. Buy organic vegetables and meats to avoid pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and other chemicals. Drink filtered water, meter intake to match caloric need so you don’t eat too much.

The environment of America is good; exercise is your personal commitment issue. In some way, you and your family need to find out how to keep in shape. Lastly, figure out how to keep your minds clear. Avoid using technology too much; be balanced. A daily routine with meaningful activities is key. Exploring spirituality of the right kind can also be mentally healthy.

Attaining Sustainable Health

eating rightWhen you’re eating right, you’re personally committed to physical fitness, and you’re feeding your mind (or soul, if you’d rather), you’re in a place where long-term sustainable health is more possible, more likely, and more tangible. The importance of health is hard to overstate, so think about these things carefully, and determine how best to manage your mind and body.

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