If your business is looking for an additive manufacturing (AM) provider, it is important that this prospective AM partner is experienced in delivering manufacturing solutions that can meet your unique business needs.

No two projects will ever be exactly the same. An ideal manufacturing partner will not only offer a wide variety of materials, but also provide services, price points and varying manufacturing speeds to pair with your specific project goal.

The large variety of pre-production phases and timetables 3D printing projects require is exactly why Shapeways offers more than one production schedule for any project.

Economic Manufacturing can be provided when capacity is available, allowing for a low-cost option for projects that do not have a pressing delivery time requirement.

Priority Manufacturing prioritizes these orders and ensures they are delivered within our provided timeline.

Rush Manufacturing, while not available for all materials, receives the highest manufacturing priority of your parts in order to print your order within one week.

Our role is to work with you to identify where you are in your design process and help match your needs with the most appropriate material and manufacturing speed to ensure you achieve your product goal.

Economic Manufacturing: The Cost-Saving Option

If speed is not a leading factor, choosing our Economic Manufacturing speed will give you the most cost-saving benefit in your project.

As an example, you may be a startup with a new idea or an improved idea for a specific product. In order to demonstrate the value of your game-changing concept, the design of this project is likely to be more important to you at this stage. The ability to show your concept as a 1:1 model that can be held, reviewed and manipulated in real time and space can be a huge benefit when presenting a brand new concept for the market.

Another situation that benefits from a more economical approach would be a 3D printed part that requires a functionality test. Often, these types of designs need to be tried, tested and ultimately updated until all desired features work perfectly. When your printing timeline can afford to be flexible, taking advantage of a more cost-effective manufacturing speed is a huge benefit to a project that needs to go through multiple designs trials. As older designs are rejected and new innovations are incorporated, having an additive manufacturing process that can focus on cost savings will allow you to put more resources into the design process instead. 

To meet this need, Shapeways’ economic manufacturing option will require a slightly longer turnaround time but can provide significant 3D printing cost savings, especially if multiple iterations of the same part will be necessary.

Priority Manufacturing: When Speed Is Priority

When a project requires 3D printing in a tighter timeline, cost savings may no longer be your primary goal. To meet speedy manufacturing requirements, Shapeways offers 3D printing solutions that are designed specifically for time-sensitive projects. 

As an example, a request for a new demonstration prototype for an upcoming live event may necessitate a fast turnaround time of your product. A 3D printed model is often the best way to showcase the functionality of your design without the long wait required by traditional manufacturing methods. You can further shorten the time needed to produce the prototype by choosing priority manufacturing.

Other situations that rely on a quick turnaround can include new business prospects. It is very common that the opportunity to pitch for a new license, business segment or retail placement can come up suddenly with very little prep time. Having access to a partner who can manufacture 3D printed products quickly can be the difference between winning a pitch and missing it.

It is for these types of production situations that Shapeways offers a variety of plastic and metal materials that can be manufactured quickly to meet your business needs.

Rush Manufacturing: Our Fastest Option

What if priority is not quick enough? Certainly business situations can arise that require an additive manufacturing partner to produce models in under one week to help you meet a pressing deadline. Shapeways can be your partner of choice for this as well.

Presentations to potential investors (or updates for current
ones) can often require an updated model with very little notice. Funding can
be tied to results and it is not uncommon for investors to require multiple
product reviews at each stage. In cases like this, the ability to print a 3D product
in a few days is essential to your ongoing success.

Changes in real estate/construction also often require contractors to quickly revise plans, adding or eliminating elements from floors to entire buildings. 3D printed building plans are ideal for reviewing traffic flow, land use and aesthetic options. The ability to quickly access current 3D models of construction designs allows builders to visualize their evolving plans, especially when changes are required with little notice.

Access to rush manufacturing provides an ideal solution for these types of situations and countless others. Shapeways offers Rush 3D printing manufacturing for some of our most popular materials, including Nylon 12 plastic.

Shapeways is here for you

Shapeways is here as your additive manufacturing partner. That means not only providing a wide range of 3D printing materials, but a range of manufacturing speeds as well. For all types of projects and project needs, Shapeways is available to discuss your unique requirements and provide recommendations. Contact a 3D printing expert today to let us know how we can help!

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