Hello to all,

I’m having a problem viewing a course on my mobile with slides that have event videos and a button that appears at the end.

The problem comes when I am in a slide that carries the event video. I have placed a button, to go to the next slide, which appears at the end of the video taking into account how long the video lasts (even if the timeline of the slide does not control the one of the video). And everything works fine if I watch the course on a computer: the video ends and the “Continue” button appears and moves to the next slide. In the next slide I have put a variable that checks that the video has been seen and if you return to the slide of the video the button “Continue” (one that was hidden) is and you do not have to wait for the time that the video lasts.
But when you watch the course on the mobile, the video opens in another tab, and when you finish and return to the course tab, the button that should appear does not appear until you wait the time the video lasts.

I guess what is happening is that when the video is opened in another tab, the slide playback stops. I tried not to play the video automatically and force to click on the video to see if it started playing the timeline, and also to put when entering the slide the action “Continue” although I could think that would skip to the next slide, but neither one thing nor the other …

Any idea to solve the problem?