How To Lead The Way With Compliance Training LMS Demo Videos

Your employees probably have a general idea of what’s right and wrong on-the-job. However, there are some hazy areas that may need some further clarification. Areas that cannot be outlined through text-based checklists and manuals. No, these topics require visuals to set examples of compliance in the workplace for employees to follow. Such as video demos to show them how to perform tasks without breaking the rules. Or avoid the most common regulatory obstacles to keep everyone safe—and your bottom line free of penalties and fees. So, how do you make compliance training interesting? Read on to find out.

eBook Release: Mitigating Risks In The Modern Corporate World: Your Guide To Investing In A Compliance Training LMS

eBook Release

Mitigating Risks In The Modern Corporate World: Your Guide To Investing In A Compliance Training LMS

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7 Tips To Set Examples Of Compliance In The Workplace

1. Keep It Real (But Not Over The Top)

Nobody wants to sit through a demo video that talks down to them or makes them feel inadequate. As if they’re being judged for every misstep they’ve made the on-the-job. Likewise, they don’t want to have to endure an over-dramatized demo video full of actors who seem to be vying for the Academy Award. You need to set examples of compliance in the workplace that are real and relatable. So that employees are able to use the information in real life and connect with the online training content. This rule applies to not only the acting, but sound effects, background audio, and images. You can add some effects to jazz things up. However, they shouldn’t distract employees from the takeaways.

2. Survey Staff To Identify Everyday Challenges

You need to determine the gaps before you can create compliance training LMS demo videos that serve as examples of compliance in the workplace. Which challenges do employees face? Are there any topics or tasks that present more obstacles than others? Survey and assess your team members to identify compliance pain points that you can cover in your videos. They don’t need a demo that covers irrelevant tasks or non-issues. Find out what their sticking points are and use them as a basis for your storyboards and scripts.

3. Teach Them The Right (And Wrong) Way To Comply

How-to demo videos are pretty standard. You show employees the right way to do something, so they can repeat it on-the-job. However, you should also give them a glimpse of what not to do in the workplace, so they can avoid the most common compliance mistakes. For example, the video shows them the correct way to put on the safety gear or turn down a client bribe. Then highlights the many ways that things can go wrong and how to deal with each to mitigate risks. You can also do a split screen for more basic tasks that don’t require a high level of visual detail. For example, one side of the screen highlights the proper dress code, while another showcases the incorrect attire.

4. Include Step-By-Step Walkthroughs To Improve Retention

There’s typically a lot of information to remember in compliance online training. Lighten the cognitive overload for your employees by giving them a step-by-step walkthrough they can follow. For instance, show them how to perform each step of the return process according to company policy. Or how to properly handle products based on regulatory guidelines.

5. Use Animations To Reenact Potentially Hazardous Situations

Let’s face it, it simply wouldn’t be cost-effective—or ethical—to put someone in harm’s way just to reenact a scene. Even if it would probably yield a truly Oscar-worthy performance. In all seriousness, there are occasions that call for animations when you’re training your employees for compliance in the workplace. Use rendering software to reenact potentially hazardous situations so that employees can see the negative consequences, without putting themselves, coworkers, or customers at risk. You can also incorporate subtle hints of humor to lighten the mood. Just make sure that the laughter doesn’t overshadow the severity of the matter.

6. Invite Leadership To Set The Example

Team leaders can also take the leading role in your compliance training LMS videos. Employees are already familiar with their managers and supervisor, so they’ll better relate to the online training content. They can put themselves in the team leaders’ shoes and watch along as they perform the task or illustrate the issue. Plus, this shows subordinates that the higher-ups are invested in their ongoing development. They’re taking the time to set examples of compliance in the workplace so that their peers don’t make similar mistakes.

7. Embed Support Resources

The great thing about using your LMS to deploy compliance demo videos is that you can embed additional online training resources. Employees simply click on the link to access simulations and serious games to test their knowledge and apply it immediately. They can also quickly reference manuals and online training infographics to delve deeper into regulations or policies. The compliance training demo videos set the example, but certain staff members may want to explore the subject matter on their own. For instance, find out more about what’s not allowed on the job when it comes to their uniform. Or participate in a scenario that lets them try out safe handling procedures and learn from their mistakes.

There’s one more consideration that I would be remiss not to mention, which is to add subtitles for mobile users and employees with special needs. Bear in mind that every member of your team should reap the same rewards from the compliance training LMS. Subtitles and captions also ensure that mobile users don’t miss out on the action since they can simply read the text when headphones aren’t an option. Use this article to create all-inclusive video demos that set prime examples of compliance in the workplace and improve employee engagement.

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