At work, I was tasked with converting old .cp files from 2009 to .cptx files so we could re-publish them in HTML5 since Flash is being deprecated.

There were 4 projects needing converting – 2 converted fine but the other 2 somehow lost a lot of content in the conversion – rollovers, buttons, and a ton of regular text. I thought I could just go back to the .cp files and re-convert but somehow the .cp files have the same corruption. The info was all there before the conversion and has been confirmed by a colleague. All I did was open the .cp file in Captivate 6 and re-save as a .cptx. The modified date for the .cp file is still showing as from 2009.

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong and why a simple save-as action made me lose a lot of content? And how I might be able to recover it, if at all?

(I am not a Captivate developer nor do I play one on TV so please be gentle and explicit with any instructions)