How Coaches Get Hired And Fired—Infographic

To land a coaching engagement, it helps to understand why clients hire coaches, in the first place. But it’s also useful to know what keeps a coach hired and what gets them fired. Awarenow conducted a benchmarking study to help better understand why companies hire coaches, and what eventually drives them to fire a coach.

It is interesting to note that nearly all the coaching clients surveyed have worked with three or fewer coaches. More than half the respondents have engaged the services of just a single coach up until now. The survey revealed that the coach’s personality fit, methodology, and industry expertise are the most important factors clients consider when hiring.

On the other hand, the most compelling reason for clients to terminate coaching services is that their needs extend beyond the coach’s expertise. Clients may also frown upon a lack of structure or unclear processes in the coaching program.

These results make it imperative for business coaches to listen to what clients want from them. Understanding the organization’s culture, preparing for their present and future needs, and undertaking a clear, well-structured program methodology that produces tangible results are key to sustaining a healthy, productive, and long-term engagement with the client.