My name is Kaitie, and I work as a Cloud Support Specialist at Adar IT in Skokie, IL. My undergraduate degree was in computer science, and while I was in school, I made the decision to enroll in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate in the hope that it would open up more career opportunities after graduation. My experience before completing the certificate was very minimal. Most of my knowledge about IT was self-taught and came from my general interest in the subject matter.

When I interviewed with my current employer and mentioned my certificate through Coursera, they had heard about the program. I explained to them how the certificate program was designed and went over all the topics that were covered. They were excited to hear that I had some background on the material. 

There are many skills from the certificate program that I have been able to apply to my new job. As a Cloud Support Technician, I take on many different tasks, including using PowerShell, speaking with customers, and checking on network connections, just to name a few. The program taught me the types of questions I should be asking customers. 

I like working as a Cloud Support Technician because I get joy out of helping people and knowing that I am able to solve their IT problems. I have always loved working with computers, so to be able to do that in my job is amazing!

I have recommended this program to many others! The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is an amazing program for so many different people.

 “It is great for people who are just getting into the field, and it’s also great for people who are already in the field.”

The courses are so well organized and easy to follow. There is plenty of information provided that can help a student succeed in the program. All the course instructors are actual Google employees, and they provide exceptional insight. All in all, it was an amazing experience.