Many people worldwide who live with depression and mental illnesses do not like consuming drugs that could cure them instantly. The fundamental reason that lies behind this theory is that medicines and drugs though, do give relief like magic but have terrible long-term impacts. They also make your brain addicted to them, and then you tend to take these medicines daily to function properly in life.

Taking this matter in concern, I decided to put forward the best natural herbs that are good for your mental health and do not have any after-effects. So, without any further delay, let us get onto the main context! There you go….


Well, before planning to use a specific plant species or herb for depression treatment purposes, do good research if it really is harmless? Several herbs are mood lifters, whereas several herbs treat mental illnesses. In return, several herbs turn you stubborn and annoyed and incorporate within your fast-changing mood swings! The herbs I have compiled below are free from any such side effects and would give good results if adopted into daily eating habits.



These are usually found in fish, such as trout and salmon. Such herbs exist in their natural form and are also available separately in a supplement called fish oil capsules. If you do not want to take the supplements, consuming fish three times a week would do the work for you.

It is highly recommended for patients dealing with anxiety, stress, or depression to take the fish oil supplements full of omega-three fatty acids since they can restore the health of your brain, which is lost because of the fore mentioned conditions.


Rare fact, but there is a deep connection between depression and low levels of folic acid. This important herb is also used in many depression treatments medicines but not in its natural form, so it does not perform up to the level that it should otherwise.

Taking 500 micrograms of folic acid is usually recommended. However, it would be best if you went with the figure that your physicians advise you. Another way to increase the amount of folate in the body is to take foods rich in this herb, such as dark leaves, cereals, beans, lentils, and avocados.

SIDE TIP: This herb is also best in treating aging joints and other old age problems.



Turmeric is a must, whether you are about to treat a wound, a burnt scar, a disturbed mind, or your physique. This important herb is composed of curcumin, which has antioxidants that benefit both the health and the human brain. Turmeric is usually used in food, but its effects are much more prominent if it is taken with milk or in the raw form.

You can also go for some turmeric supplements if you don’t like taking it in the raw form. Some people usually don’t prefer turmeric’s taste in their food, so to neutralize the taste, you can add up black pepper or olives in your food for enhancement.


CBD products including premium CBD flower too, is an excellent natural substitute for chain smokers since they almost give the same feelings of euphoria and calmness as smoking tobacco and nicotine does. The only difference is that these products do not intoxicate the human body and are also not harmful to the organs.

CBD products are available in many forms. CBDistillery is one type, which is available in drops forms to be consumed orally. It is also available in the way of a Vape pen, which can get CBD quickly into your bloodstream.  These products pose zero harm to your organs and work efficiently to improve your mental health and eliminate anxiety feelings.


Lemon-is-a-well-known-herbLemon is a well-known herb that is frequently consumed in the form of tea or directly to cure anxiety, stress, and depression. Lemon is also famous for improving the brain’s reflex action capability and improving a person’s memory. This herb cannot significantly improve your brain’s conditions, but can slightly work towards doing that.

It is never recommended to take lemon alone to cure mental illness and help reduce depression. Lemon tea can be consumed along with other treatments in parallel for better and most effective results. For children, taking this herb is not suggested. Better go for Ginseng instead, which helps in improving the brain’s cognitive abilities.


Herbs are always a good option to go for in treating any disease. Mental health cannot be treated in months, but it takes years to get better with time slowly. The only key to attaining consequences is maintaining a good routine and consuming the prescribed supplements on time regularly. Having a good diet plan, walking, exercising, and living a tension-free relaxed life is also very important, apart from just taking natural supplements to cure depression. Good luck, fellow!

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