Seriously, the title says it all. We were home for a year, and now we’re back in the office — and our backs are in bad shape after sitting on the couch to work. And sitting on the chair at the little kids’ tea party table, and sitting at the kitchen table when someone else had the couch. So then we determined to make a home office — and finally transformed the guest bedroom into an actual office. But our backs still hurt. Why!

The Ergoal Chair is the Goal of Everyone in the Office

Thankfully, at the office, our boss makes sure that we have ergonomically correct desks, chairs and everything else. It’s one reason we can all sit for 8 to 10 hours a day and work. When we received the Ergoal chair to test — we began to fight over it, and we’re all hoping that the boss will choose this chair to replace our worn and outdated chairs.

The Ergoal Chair is a fully ergonomic office chair. The chair was designed to adjust to the natural curve of your spine and give you powerful lumbar support. But the best of this chair is its unique comfort. In addition, this chair really helps your posture. Long hours at the desk encourage poor sitting and slouching options — and the ensuing pain that poor sitting and standing posture causes.

Ergoal has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

ergoal chair
I love the Ergoal Chair, green, but there are many color choices.

ergoal chair

You’ll love how the S-Shape cradles your spine and you can sit for longer amounts of time. Think of the Ergoal Chair as a superior health investment and self-care chair. If you are in a tech business — you are in your chair many hours each day. You can think much more clearly when you aren’t adjusting yourself every minute because your back (or back-side) is in pain.

Ergoal Chair Spine Support

I really love the Ergoal Chair — and I like that my legs don’t fall asleep while I’m spending long hours in the office, and I can work much longer without fatigue. With the year and a half that we have worried and stressed about the pandemic and now the variant — it’s nice to know that you can depend on your office chair not to cut into your concentration.

You can also lean back and stretch your spine and rest your back a little — this chair is a pleasant surprise and a delight. If you watch you can sometimes find these chairs on sale.

Image Credit: from the ergoal website; thank you!

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Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

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