I hope everyone survived the April 1 jokes a bit? 🐾 We are already at the 15th
edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped
up around our community, we thought was worth sharing.

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Blueprint of the week

It may have happened to you (at least to me), you ask something to your Google or
Alexa speaker and it responds with a very low volume. Of course you want to avoid
this, because now you can ask your question again đŸ€š

With the blueprint of andreas1 you
can automatically adjust the volume of your media player at a set day and night time.
Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation
in your instance with a click on the my button!

Lovelace Dashboard

Perhaps we should make this a regular item, because this week also a new Lovelace
dashboard. This time made by
Take a look at the original post on Reddit,
there you will find more photos and shared YAML code.

Banner Card

The more you put in your dashboards, the more unclear it can become. You could, for
example thematize some cards, so that it stands out and can be found quickly and the
banner-card from nervetattoo could
just be a handy addition to that.

Small tip: if the CSS style is not quite what you want, you can still use
card-mod from thomasloven to adjust everything 😉

Automated Hydroponic

This week we also came across something very impressive, edward_snowedin
shared his hydroponic installation on our subreddit page. It’s a fully automated
system that is controlled via Home Assistant and ESPHome.

Curious how everything is worked out in detail? You will find a lot of
information here
and also a list of used parts.

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