Dear Wink Community,

We truly apologize for the outage on our platform this past week that caused our website and core systems to be unavailable to our users. Our payment processing partner, Stripe, was unaffected by our disruptions. As of Wednesday 2/3, services are back up and your Wink Hub will be able to reconnect to our API. 

During the time that our service was inactive, we implemented a proactive subscription discount to our subscribers. All Wink subscribers are receiving a 25% discount on their current monthly charge and no action needs to be taken. We will also be applying an additional 25% discount on next month’s subscription charge to all users.

We intend to make this right and work to guarantee that nothing of this nature happens again.

In addition to resolving the issue that occurred, our team is working tirelessly to optimize the Wink Backend and our API now that it is back up. The measures we are implementing will ensure that our system will remain stable going forward.

Thank you for your support of independent tech. We’re here for you and striving to make Wink an even better platform throughout 2021.

If you still need further assistance, you may use the ‘Help’ section of the Wink app to message us, there is also the contact form on the website, or you can direct message us on our official Facebook page or by using @WinkSupport on Twitter. 

-The Wink Team