We’d like to introduce you to Yvonne. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur and a Motion Planning Operation Specialist. Her journey has been an incredible one, and while she’s always made the most of every opportunity, she’s also faced some daunting challenges along the way. These challenges include undergoing 23 surgeries and a permanent tracheostomy, all while caring for her five children and ensuring they receive college educations. After her children graduated, Yvonne decided to follow her passion for technology into a new career. Her first step was to enroll in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program. She shares her inspiring story below. 

My name is Yvonne Johnson-Webb. I am a Motion Planning Operation Specialist working in the Research Development department of a company in California. I am also an entrepreneur. My son and I started a company called Mild Vision to work with entrepreneurs who need essential tech services ranging from building PC’s and setting up websites to social media marketing. My contracts often required me to enhance my skills and learn new concepts. I continued to study in order to stay informed  of new advances in technology.  My interest in continuously upskilling is what led me to Coursera. I remember signing up for the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and putting all my effort towards completing the classes. My excitement and determination to be a part of the tech industry increased with every completed section! 

My college education was interrupted by significant health issues, so I continued my education online with self-paced courses. My interest has always been Information Technology. I started out building websites and learning to edit templates and backgrounds. My interest then shifted to PC hardware. I started troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing parts in my PC, which even led me to assisting and providing services to others.

Once I found the Google IT Support program, there was no stopping me. I knew that completing my training would allow me the opportunity to start a new career. Upon completion, I obtained a contract position in San Francisco as an Autonomous Vehicle Operator. My troubleshooting skills gained from the program came in handy and allowed  me to advance my position. I moved up to the research and development team and then transferred to the headquarters, where I was able to increase my knowledge of the autonomous vehicle industry. I maintained my contract position for 18 months before being hired as a permanent employee with my current employer. I now have my dream job with a fantastic company!

 “Obtaining the certification changed my life, and now I’m living my dream. I’m excited about my job and the future. I’m part of an industry that is making a difference in the world.”

I learned that in order to compete in the ever-changing world of technology, you must continue to update your knowledge and skills. I am currently enrolled in the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate program. 

In terms of advice, I have always told others that the IT industry needs people. Completing this program can be the beginning of a new life with a new career. Completing this program will give you all the necessary skills required for any entry-level position in IT. Companies aren’t expecting you to know everything. They will train you, if you have the basic skills and are enthusiastic. These basic skills can be  gained from the Google IT Support Program, and the excitement of learning comes from you.