Today, we’re excited to share Coursera’s new brand identity, a reflection of our commitment to make transformative learning accessible, inclusive, and impactful for all. As we continue to serve our global community of learners, partners, and customers, our new identity expresses the power and potential of every learner—and every learning opportunity—on Coursera.  

Learning has the power to positively transform our world. It’s the reason Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera in 2012 with the mission to provide everyone, everywhere, access to the world’s best learning. 

Today, in partnership with more than 200 leading university and industry educators, Coursera has evolved into a global learning platform where over 75 million learners have come to learn job-relevant skills and earn career-advancing credentials. We’ve also expanded the way that we reach learners by helping enterprises, universities, governments, and nonprofits accelerate workforce transformation.

Coursera’s brand needed to reflect this growth. What started as an effort to enhance our brand before the pandemic, took on new meaning as we continued to introduce solutions to meet the urgent needs of our global community. Now, as we look ahead to a new year, we’re able to complete what we started and launch the next stage in Coursera’s brand evolution. 

We’ve sharpened our brand strategy to be clearer about who we are and why we’re here—for our learners, our partners, our customers, and the world.

To bring this strategy to life, our brand identity is guided by the following principles:

  • Provide clean, inviting points of entry into learning.
  • Celebrate the inspiring journeys and accomplishments of learners. 
  • Promote closer collaboration between learners, institutions, and employers.
  • Be globally accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We created a wordmark that brings people into the world of transformative learning and represents their successful journeys. The C is an entry point into the full span of learning opportunities on Coursera—from projects and free courses to Professional Certificates and degrees. The C spotlights a world of possibility and provides a path for learners from discovery to outcome.

Our new color palette draws on the natural world to create a calm, uplifting, and dynamic experience. Because Coursera is a gateway to some of the world’s most revered learning institutions, we also wanted a palette that sits in harmony with partners.

To best serve our global community, we selected Source Sans Pro and Noto Sans Pro as our typefaces. These typefaces support 582 languages and provide optimal upload and download speeds across devices and browsers for offline learning.

Our brand comes to life in the experiences of Coursera learners from around the world. While their backgrounds are unique, they share a common commitment to progress. The photography direction we established captures the impact of learning and authentically represents our global community. 

Coursera learners: Paulina M. (Ghana), Rayan B. (Brazil), Ehab B. (Germany), Wafa’ B. (Indonesia)

We designed a brand architecture that can encompass the full scope of our growing collaborations, while at the same time clearly communicating our relationship with each partner organization.

Learners come to Coursera to grow their skills, live their passions, and make a positive impact on the world.

As we ease our community into the new brand experience across our channels and platform, we want to continue to celebrate and inspire progress makers everywhere to learn without limits on Coursera.