Through Adobe Captivate 2019; the e-learning industry solves the current learning challenges faced by corporate trainers while culturing employees in the system. According to the Vice president and general manager in Publishing Business at Adobe, the learning experience of employees has a direct impact on the productivity of any successful organization.

The new version characterizes virtual reality tools and interactive video in its design menu to facilitate seamless implementation of the work of e-learning designers. It is designed to correspond with the fluctuating changes in the business trend since it enables flexibility among the workforce which makes them productive even in rigorous market conditions.

A luminary veteran in the e-learning industry and the CEO of IconLogic, Kevin Siegel also made an input subject to the latest Adobe Captivate version. He affirmed that Adobe Captivate has made a relief-inducing step in their latest release since he now has the liberty of creating online courses available in VR headsets. The new features that enhance the objective of e-learning with Adobe Captivate is notwithstanding the best in project works.

New features of Adobe Captivate 2019 

Virtual reality is now considered the new phase of e-learning technological development, courtesy of Adobe Captivate. It is now possible to import 360 degrees images while creating a virtual reality project in adobe captivate. This feature provides an all round learning experience that engages the learner’s attention through virtual reality glasses and headset.

In case you were planning to come up with a virtual reality module of a project, it is high time you put that into practice with Adobe Captivate 2019.

Interactive videos create a learning environment where the learner gets the option to assess through quizzes his or her understanding based on the content of the video.  The videos can be your own making in an educative manner or you can borrow from YouTube and customize to address your ideas. Organizations are now considering interactive videos in their training to engage the employees.

With interactive videos, the mp4 videos can be converted to interactive videos and used with overlay slides they can include knowledge check quizzes. 

  • Automatic chroma key effects

It is a new feature that makes you have full editing control of the background of your videos with just simple clicks. You can choose whether to have the background transparent or a solid color during a virtual reality project presentation. With this feature, you can use adobe captivate to produce a video demo with a webcam and screen capture concurrently without the need for technical adeptness.

In the previous version, Adobe Captivate introduced a feature capable of providing the view of the content in different sizes depending on the device used by the learner. This time around, they formulated an upgrade of the feature equipped with slide option and enhanced it to produce an automated preview of the content hence the name. Using a layout preview button, you can automatically have a preview of the content and watch it change in sizes in accordance with the choice of device.

The automated device preview also has the advantage of generating QR code that you can use to view the content in a mobile device and gives you access to the project’s real time browsing history.

  • CSV question import template

It is another significant feature that helps the Adobe Captivate users to minimize the production time through the use of CSV question template. The main objective of the CSV file is to save time by importing bulk questions into the supposed Adobe Captivate project. Once you import the question, you will be provided with CSV file storage in the assets folder where you have to copy the question and heed to the instruction henceforth until upload to the project.

Fluid boxes ensure learners have a responsive experience with Adobe Captivate by providing automatic alignment to objects placed within. The feature has had an upgrade and makes the content eligible to the learners according to their device sizes. The upgrade enables control by intuitive UI like wrap up options to control like the fluid boxes and redefine alignment properties for static fluid boxes.

These are just some of the features of Adobe Captivate 2019 but the list is too long but you can drop your email with those questions about the software. Consequently, with a good understanding of these primary features, you are good to go with your Adobe Captivate project.