By Anubhav Chopra, Lead Product Manager

When we announced Coursera Plus in February of this year, we were excited to bring you a new subscription plan where you could get unlimited access to 3,000+ courses for one affordable and all-inclusive price.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that not only is Coursera Plus available to learners everywhere across the globe, but unlimited Guided Projects are now included!

More than 90% of the Coursera catalog is available through Coursera Plus. With the addition of Guided Projects, you now have more opportunities than ever to achieve your personal and professional learning goals. You can master a specific skill in a Specialization, get job-ready for an in-demand career with a Professional Certificate, or quickly learn a new industry tool in a Guided Project. Better yet, you can complete them all for one simple price.

Coursera Plus subscribers have told us that the plan helps them spend more time learning, and that they feel more motivated to do so. In fact, we see that Coursera Plus learners have a 35% higher completion rate and they triple the amount of time they’re active in their courses. They also take advantage of the plan to explore a broader range of topics and skills, enrolling in courses in twice as many domains as do learners enrolled directly into a Specialization.

Yiwen is a Coursera Plus subscriber, and she loves the flexibility, affordability, and breadth of learning: 

“With Coursera Plus, I get access to so many high-quality courses, for topics that I’m interested in, for just a one-time annual payment. I don’t need to rush to finish my courses in one month to try to save money. It’s so convenient that I can take as many courses as I want at any time during the year.” 

Serhii is another Coursera Plus learner who really appreciates the value offered by the plan. In fact, it’s why he subscribed:

“I plan to complete a lot of certificate programs this year, so Coursera Plus is a real value for me.”

If unlimited access for one all-inclusive subscription price makes sense for your learning goals this year, then we encourage you to try Coursera Plus today with a 14-day money-back guarantee. After that, Coursera Plus is available as an annual subscription at $399 USD per year, which breaks down to just over $1 USD a day. 

Ready to get started? Check out some of the great courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, and Professional Certificates you can explore with Coursera Plus: 

Data Science

Computer Science & IT


Personal Development

Arts and Humanities

Subscribe to Coursera Plus today, and make the most of your learning this year!