uplan.io Loxone

If you are a Loxone Partner then here’s an interesting new software tool designed to help speed up your workflow.

Create a sketch of the electronic systems of your building easily with uplan.io. Simply add the desired functions onto your layout and uplan.io calculates all the conventional electronic or Loxone Smart Home or conventional electronic devices you’ll need.

Uplan runs in a browser and aims to automate many of the tasks involved in planning a new Loxone smart home.

After you’ve uploaded a floor plan the systems “Plan Wizard’ automatically places devices in rooms, checks motion sensor & Wi-Fi coverage as well as creating a wiring diagram and pinout.

Uplan Sample Report - Loxone Tree Cable

It then exports the project ready to be directly imported into Loxone Config. The makers say you can also use the system to plan a conventional electrical system as well.

Uplan Sample Report - Loxone Pinout

There’s a free version of the online tool available so you can get stuck in and check it out. If it’s something you’d like to use in your business then the Pro subscription is a reasonable €29 per month.

Checkout the video below to see it in action and visit uplan.io for more info.

uplan.io pricing