So, you are about to launch an eco-friendly product. Maybe it’s a cosmetic brand that uses eco-friendly minerals. Or it’s a beverage that comes packed in a biodegradable bottle. Whatever it is, you need to add cues about it in your label.

While most businesses might stop at simply mentioning the word ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘biodegradable’ on their labels, you can go a step further by designing an eco-friendly label for your product!

Here’s how.

1. Choose paper roll labels

Choose paper roll labelsPaper is a biodegradable material. So, one of the best ways to design an eco-friendly label is to design it with paper.

It is also extremely cost efficient to use paper while making the labels. It takes little time to get your design printed on paper and stick it onto your bottles, packets or jar.

If you are worried that your paper labels might dissolve in water or tear off easily with over use, go for eco-safe paper roll labels from These labels are waterproof, freezer proof and stick to your product jars, bottles or packets permanently.

2. Use eco- friendly colors on your labels

Many colors have chemicals in them, that erode off as the color begins fading from the labels. This is detrimental in the long run.

Why not use eco-friendly colors on your labels, then?

To do this, you can paint the labels yourself. If you have too many labels to color, why not enlist the help of family, friends or hire local artists to help you out?

This will not only be an eco-friendly step on your part, but it will also encourage local art to flourish, providing ample opportunities for local employment to boom.

For better effect, use colors that form a part of nature. So think lush green, sea blue, or wood brown as color combinations in your labels.

3. Choose your ink wisely

Choose your ink wiselyMany label printing and manufacturing companies use soluble, biodegradable or soy ink while printing your labels.

That’s a great choice, considering ink can put a huge strain on the environment. It not only saves you unnecessary expense, but also saves space on your label which you can use more creatively.

If possible, reduce the use of ink on your label wherever possible.

4. Let your consumers know the label is recyclable

You may use the best recyclable label for your product, but if you don’t mention it, your consumers might never know it.

If the label can be planted, reused, or turned to compost, mention it on the label itself. Maybe your packaging is recyclable – mention that too on the label.

Imagine if 100 labels, which are made of paper, are turned into compost instead of ending up in landfills, how beautifully it would impact our planet!

So, here we are! These are some of the best tips to design an eco-friendly label for your product. Eco-friendly labels will help you attract more customers, grow your consumer base, and help you feel good about your own product – after all, you are doing the planet some good!

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