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Can a Novel Zinc Battery Deliver Clean Multiday Backup Power?

California is looking for ways to keep power flowing to customers amid wildfires without burning fossil fuels. A Canadian storage technology startup thinks it has the solution. This summer, Toronto-based e-Zinc won a $1.3 million grant from the California Energy Commission to demonstrate its long-duration zinc battery for the commercial and industrial market. As the state’s worst …


TikTok asked a court on Friday to block its ban, saying the govt. exceeded its authority, the ban was issued for political reasons, and violates First Amendment (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg: TikTok asked a court on Friday to block its ban, saying the govt. exceeded its authority, the ban was issued for political reasons, and violates First Amendment  —  – Company says Trump exceeded his authority with ban order  — Video-sharing app surged in popularity, especially with teens

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New Book Examines L&D in Organisations

In an evolving landscape, learning & development professionals face the challenge of ensuring an organization’s workforce can learn and change and adapt to the requirements of the workplace of the future. Commissioned by the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD), Learning & Development In Organisations: Strategy, Evidence, and Practice provides a comprehensive and thematic …

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Yokohama scientists develop new method of 3D printing multi-material multicolor microstructures 

Researchers from the Japanese-based Yokohama National University (YNU) have devised a new 3D printing method, that’s capable of 3D printing multicolor microstructures using different materials.  The team’s stereolithography (SLA)-based technique involves suspending several resins in a droplet state, which allows them to be exchanged during printing without causing voids or cross-contamination. Leveraging their novel production …

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This industrial complex has a facade made from its own construction waste

Located in the North India city of Kishangarh, this innovative industrial complex for Stonex India and designed by Deli-based Urbanscape Architects revolves around sustainable construction. The building features sunken courtyards with earth-cooled floors and a stone screen facade made from the complex’s own construction waste. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos As the main site …


Improving Surgical Performance and Physician Proficiency With AR/VR Simulations

Here is ReadWrite Q&A with FundamentalVR.  *Many thanks to Richard Vincent, CEO, and co-founder of FundamentalVR, for his time, responses and answers in this interview.   Can you give an overview of the Fundamental Surgery platform and the problem it solves? Multiple studies have shown surgical simulations can improve physicians’ cognitive, psychomotor, and technical performance. …

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Coursera Launches Two New Entry-Level Professional Certificates in Partnership With Salesforce, SV Academy, and IBM

By Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer, Coursera Over half of the active workforce in the US does not have a college degree. This group has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, experiencing more than double the job loss rates compared to college-educated workers.  Coursera has teamed up with Salesforce, SV Academy, and IBM to launch …