We have all heard of the term ‘influencer’. Green influencers have the capacity to influence the lifestyle and shopping decisions of the people who follow them. You can be one of the green influencers if you have a large enough following. With apps such as GetInsta, you can grow your following organically with free Instagram followers.

 What is GetInsta?

GetInsta appGetInsta is an app using which you can get free likes and followers. All you have to do is download the app, and sign up. After you log in, you will immediately get coins with which you can buy followers as well as likes. The free option is available for an unlimited period of time.

You can market your brand and ensure your posts reach the maximum number of people all over the world as GetInsta is available in 16 languages. As a green influencer, you would be able to connect with people globally, and make a difference in making positive decisions for the planet. 

How GetInsta works

GetInsta is a very simple app, where all you need to do is log in after downloading it. It will then give you coins, which can be increased by performing the tasks suggested by the app. The app protects your privacy and is virus free.

You can take the 1000 free followers trial to have an idea of the number of followers that you can get through GetInsta.

There is 24×7 customer support which you can access to clarify your queries and also to get help if you face any difficulty with the app.

If your aim is to be a green influencer, you can use GetInsta app to get real high quality followers and likes. Your profile should be public so that other Instagrammers can see your posts unhindered. 

Tips to increase your Instagram following 

Decide on your niche


Instagram is a very effective channel for green influencers. The top influencers post attractive written and visual content reviewing products, service, destination or an idea. Your account should reflect what you are most passionate about, whether it is sustainability, or climate change, or plastic pollution and so on.

Influencers have to be knowledgeable about their chosen niche, and present accurate information, to gain the trust as well as confidence of their followers. Be sure to follow the latest environment news and trending topics.

Browse and follow other green influencers to have an idea of the style or idea that appeals to you, and then carve the identity you want. You might want to become an activist or an influencer.

Create inspiring content

To influence people, you have to create posts which are gripping and interesting. It could be a short Instagram story or a photo with a catchy caption. The content will make your posts popular among the users and inspire them to repost. Sometimes, top influencers can repost your post which would increase your visibility.

A good strategy is to repost other influencers’ posts giving them the credit of course!

How to earn money as an influencer?

earn money as an influencerInfluencers do earn money by partnering with the brands which resonate with their beliefs. With free Instagram likes and followers, your account will become a popular account, and brands might approach you.

For example, eco-friendly tour companies might tie up with you if you focus on sustainable and environment friendly travel. Similarly, eco fashion style influencers team with fashion brands which are mindful of the environment and follow fair trade practices.

If you promote eating healthy and organic, organic food brands can partner with you. The more followers you have the more money you get. You may have to create ‘sponsored’ posts for the brands. Also, brands prefer to work with green influencers whose followers are active i.e. the followers actively share posts and comment.

Some influencers, especially those who have more than 100,000 followers, have an ongoing collaboration with a particular brand for a fixed number of promotional posts per month or week and get retainer fee.

By increasing your following, you could have a chance to spread your message and make a positive difference for the planet. Doing this consistently and seriously will also help you earn an income to continue doing what you love most!

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