Nepal is a paradise for adventure activities. With its unconventional geographical structures, Nepal offers large varieties of opportunity for adventure seekers to opt for thrill seeking activities. From extreme adventurous activity like Mountain climbing, peak climbing to jaw dropping bungee jumping, you can do everything in Nepal.

The home of the mountains, Nepal gives you plenty of opportunity to seek pleasure in hiking, trekking and hiking sky diving from the top of the world, peak climbing and mountain expedition. These are some of the extreme adventures activities that trekkers can do in Nepal. Likewise, these are some less extreme but equally exciting adventures sports available to do in Nepal. For instance, paragliding, zip lining, white water rafting and many more.

In this blog, we are presenting you the 7 best adventures in Nepal solely based on their popularity.

1. Trekking

The majority of the people who visits Nepal for the purpose of traveling, opts for trekking in the Himalayas. After all, you can find all sorts of trekking trail in Nepal. All these trekking trails offers wide range of cultural experience and splendid natural beauty. Trekking in Nepal can last from 4 days to a month long.

Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek some of the popular trekking trails of Nepal. Likewise, there are trails like Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek whichis bit challenging but offers great authentic culture and natural beauty of Nepal.

2. Mountain climbing in Nepal

In case you’re feeling significantly daring or need something more challenging than trekking, Nepal is likewise the ideal spot to learn and have a go at mountain climbing in Nepal.

Every year thousands of climbers opts for mountain climbing in Nepal. There hundreds of mountain peaks in Nepal that are above 6000 meters and available for climbing. There are many experienced mountain climber who will take you to the top of the mountain and shows you the absolute amazing mountain views.

3. White water rafting

In case trekking or summing a mountain is not your thing then you can absolutely opt for something else that will give you adrenaline surge.  Along these lines, if water and the speed excites you then try White Water River rafting in Nepal.

The feeling of aimlessly fighting with the waves of water is totally mind blowing.

The waterways spilling out of the Himalayas with incredible speed and force are the ideal choice for white water rafting in Nepal. The waterways streaming down from the Snow topped mountains furnish the best rapids with numerous exciting bends in the road.

White water rafting guarantees you an exciting encounter. On surfing over the huge stones and messy riversides, you will appreciate plunges in the cool waterways.

4. Canyoning

If white water rafting is something you love doing then canyoning will definitely excites you as well. Canyoning gives you a chance to experience repelling down beautiful waterfalls, sliding down Mother Nature’s water slides, and take a plunge into the waterhole to work your way through the canyon.  When you complete, you fall into the unmistakable turquoise lakes.

On climbing the elusive rocks, you train yourself to work mind and body to cooperate. All in all, it is an amazing and exciting journey which lets you have the exhilarating feeling and savor the tranquility of the nature.

5. Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari may not be considered as something adventurous or daring. But is it is an absolutely thrilling thing to do in Nepal. Cruising through the most stunning jungles of Chitwan or Bardia, will give a chance to see many endangered as well as hostile animals. And upon seeing them you just get that intense emotion of discovering animals in their natural habitat. And the joy just remain with you forever. The memory of spotting an endangered species strolling through the grassy ground will give an inevitable joy.

The Chitwan National Park and the Bardia National Park offers the best wilderness experience. As much as these national parks are known for rich vegetation and exceptional jungle activities, they are equally popular for sheltering wild, rare and endangered flora and fauna.

This experience of seeing the creatures in the wild, not confined by the bars of the zoo is an energizing and wild experience.

6. Paragliding in Nepal

Have you ever wanted to fly like bird and watch the world goes by under you? In case if you have imagined being a bird then we have perfect adventure activity for you.

Paragliding in Nepal lets you fly like a bird and allows you to adore the beautiful gifts of the Mother Nature from the sky. You will be flying slowing and steadily inhaling the fresh breath of air and descending gently down to the earth.

While paragliding, you can see the most stunning mountain views, serene lakes, dense jungles, deep valleys and many more. In simple words, paragliding is simply the best adventure activity to opt for in Nepal.

7. Mountain Biking in Nepal

The individuals who need to take their physical cutoff points up a score evaluate the mountain biking in Nepal. With the various territory, you can go biking on a clean graveled street to uneven, harsh path. Many bicycle courses are available in various urban areas from simple to rugged path. You can decide to follow the by and large utilized path or make your own.

Riding through valleys, from waterways to soak slopes and unpleasant dry mountains is thrilling. You will appreciate beautiful greenery or the great mountains in the scenery. What’s more, get opportunities to observe delightful blossoms, creatures or winged creatures en route. Mountain biking is a much fulfilling movement blending the regular excellence in with culture. Furthermore, test physical and mental cutoff points to give you a tiring yet reviving experience.

All these experience exercises are appropriate for wild soul searching for great undertakings. From conquering the most elevated of mountains to covering the profound streams and crevasses, these occasions test your physical and mental limit.

So get up, and plan your next adventure in Nepal!

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