How To Use Humor For Your Content Marketing? Certain Rules For Using Humor For Your Business—Infographic

How to use humor for your content marketing? Certain rules will make this task much easier.

Be Cautious

Jokes can be edgy, but they should not be insensitive. Never make jokes at the expense of the audience, they will not like it. At all. And do not be offensive.

Don’t Get Too Political

Don’t get too political as long as it is not on-brand. Politics are sensitive and the situation changes fast. Some posts do not age well, especially on Twitter. So if you are not sure 100% better not get into it.

Know Your Audience

Funny content ideas should be aligned with the audience’s demographics and preferences. For instance, Gen Z and Millennials love memes. And if your meme game is strong – go for it. But if your audience is a bit older, they might not be in the context. In such a case, the joke will just confuse them.

Do Not Steal Jokes

It never goes well, just look at Amy Schumer’s « parallel thinking compilation. » If you use someone’s meme or quote just credit them. You’ll still have the joke in your post, but it is not stolen.

Ok, these are basics. Play safe, try not to be offensive or too edgy, and be on-brand. Also, do not let jokes steal the attention from the main message.