Benefits Of Agile Development Methodology In Product Development Process – e-Learning Infographics

Benefits Of Agile Development Methodology In Product Development Process—Infographic

1. Speed To Market

It is improved by 18-20%.


  • Early error detection
  • Early error fixtures
  • Better communication

2. Flexibility

It makes the Agile process 37% faster.


  • Enough space for continuous change
  • Open communication
  • Customer collaboration

3. Risk Management

Agile is 42% of the times successful with a failure probability of 8%.


  • Faster bug detection and fixture
  • Less up-front expense
  • Client involvement

4. Cost Control

It reduces by 7-29%.


  • Early and continuous delivery
  • Early cost estimations

5. High Quality

Significant decrease in defect detection rates.


  • Clear requirements
  • Continuous integration and testing

6. Productivity

Agile tends to be 25% more productive.


  • Prioritized user stories
  • Realistic and shorter goals
  • Better time management

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