A guide for educators to transition from teaching in the classroom to teaching online with minimal planning and effort.

Recent events have accelerated digital transformation in higher education, requiring educators to quickly shift from teaching live in classrooms to teaching online in their living rooms in the span of weeks. Redesigning an in-person class into a high-quality online offering with limited access to equipment is no easy task, and many of us simply don’t have the time to do so, given the unprecedented circumstances. 

With these challenges in mind, I have created a step-by-step “Teaching From Home – Quick Start Guide.” The goal of this guide is to empower all educators to transition from classroom to online teaching with minimal planning and effort, while preserving instructional quality and student experience.

This guide aims to answer four common questions you may have when it comes to teaching from home:

  1. What kind of teaching setup should I use to maximize pedagogical effectiveness? 
  2. What tools and supplies will I need to set up a professional classroom at home?
  3. How can I make the online learning experience more interactive for my students?
  4. How should I standardize best practices for virtual teaching across my department, school, or university?

In the final sections of the guide, I have included instructions on implementation, hardware and software recommendations for different setups, and a shopping list with all the supplies listed for you to get started. 

You can download the full guide with all of the details below. I hope you find this resource helpful, and I look forward to supporting the great work you are doing for students around the world.

Andrew Ng

Co-Founder of Coursera; Founder and CEO of Landing AI

Download the full version of “Teaching from Home – Quick Start Guide” here (PDF)