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SmartThings Introduces “SmartThings Edge”, allowing for Faster and Easier Home Automations

SmartThings Introduces “SmartThings Edge”, allowing for Faster and Easier Home Automations SmartThings is excited to announce SmartThings Edge, a new hub architecture that allows core functionality to execute locally, leading to smart home experiences that are more reliable, faster, and more secure. While users will not see a change within the SmartThings app, …


2021.6: A little bit of everything

A little bit of everything. That is probably the best way to describe this release. It is a packed release, with a lot of small new features everywhere! Sonos got quite a bit of love, Hue now supports push updates, the UI has a lot of usability tweaks, MQTT added quite a few attributes, themes …


2021.8.0: Feel the energy ⚡️

Happy August! ☀️ Home Assistant Core 2021.8 is here, and this is the release I have been looking forward to for months! There is so much exciting new stuff in here: I don’t know where to start. The most exciting part is the new main focus that is added to Home Assistant: Home Energy management. …


6 Best Smart Power Strips In 2021

Are you looking to add smart home products to your house but don’t want to upgrade all of your technology?  A smart power strip is an affordable way to seamlessly get controllable lights, cameras, speakers, pool pumps and more while still having the same benefits as a smart home. Maybe you’re looking to have smart …


Gestion de l’énergie dans l’assistant à domicile

TL ; DR : Nous ajoutons la gestion de l’énergie et c’est génial. Création de deux produits pour relever les compteurs électriques : SlimmeLezer pour ports P1 & Assistant à domicile Glow pour les LED d’activité. Mise à niveau de la plupart des intégrations énergétiques existantes pour qu’elles soient compatibles. Le monde est en crise climatique. …