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Wink Hub 2 Firmware Update — Wink Blog

A new Wink Hub 2 firmware is rolling out! Version 4.3.46 will be available for some users starting today. As your Wink Hub 2 system becomes eligible for the update, a banner will appear in the Wink app on the “Hubs” page and when attempting to provision new devices. This new firmware improves the Hub’s …


Installation Methods & Community Guides Wiki

We recently announced that we wanted to deprecate the generic Home Assistant installer. We discovered that the installation method was more popular than expected and we put that plan on hold. The feedback to our announcement also included that the preferred installation methods are not well documented and that it’s confusing because there are also …


10 Best Drawing Tablets For All Skill Levels in 2020

Drawing tablets are a boon for modern artists living in this digitally advanced world. They equip you with the precision and fluidity required to create illustrations and images using high-tech mediums. With the best artists starting their creative journey using traditional drawing kits, the devices also try to mimic the freehand flexibility for producing digital …