You’ve heard the expression that you can’t see the forest because of the trees? Well, Ivona Ercegovic looked at a forest and saw the future. This eco-kind project in a Croatian forest offers a retreat and event space unlike any other. The unique concept is based on treehouses.

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An elevated wood treehouse with a staircase in a forest.

The project will have four themed treehouses, each one representing a basic element of nature: earth, air, fire and water. You can rent a single treehouse or buy out the property to host an event, enjoy a vacation or arrange a retreat with friends, family or colleagues.

An elevated wood treehouse with a staircase in a forest.

Through partnerships with non-profit organizations in the local area, the treehouses will also sometimes serve as a place of healing for abused and ill women and children. This, Ercegovic explains, is the concept of eco-kind.

A wood house in a forest.

Natural forested land surrounds the treehouses, providing a backdrop painted by nature. Inside, the treehouses are light and airy. Many windows and skylights allow natural light to pour inside the spaces, which are designed with open floor plans.

An interior room with simple wood counters, furniture and a glass door looking out on a green forest.

Each separate treehouse tells a story, using color and detail to allude to one of four elements. Three treehouses represent earth, wind and water, while the gathering space and main house represent fire.

A backyard behind a simple wood home, featuring a wood deck area with a rug and sitting cushions.

The treehouses are constructed with certified materials: tin roofs, wood and steel. Pressed mineral wool will also be used for high-quality thermal insulation. The property will include heat pumps, rainwater harvesting systems and a bio-septic sewage system. Water-saving showers and low-water toilets round out the houses’ eco-friendly systems.

A backyard with a wood deck area featuring a rug, chair, sitting cushions and string lights.

Ercegovic has had a love for forest environments since childhood. Trees have always inspired her, ever since her childhood goal of making the perfect treehouse. In Ercegovic’s own words: “I think trees are the most brilliant creatures on the planet. I love how alive they are, how connected with their roots they are with other trees and the magic that happens.”

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Images via Ivona Ercegovic, Tree Elements