EarthX, the forum responsible for the world’s largest environmental expo, conference and film festival is teaming up with global nonprofit organization The National Geographic Society to bring Oceans Week onto the virtual stage from June 9 to June 11, 2020.

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The digital conference, Protecting the Life Support Systems of the Ocean, will feature panels and discussions with some of the most recognized voices in ocean conservation, including oceanographer and founder of Mission Blue Sylvia Earle and deep ocean explorer Fabian Cousteau. The event will also include extended reality experiences and film screenings, such as an introduction to a new environmental film series, The Way of the Rain – Reflections on Earth. Founder of EarthX Trammell S. Crow and president/COO of the National Geographic Society Michael L. Ulica are scheduled to introduce the conference.

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Protecting the Life Support Systems of the Ocean will bring together innovators from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to explore solutions to the most critical threats facing the future of our oceans. Armed with the convenience of virtual telecommunication, EarthX and National Geographic have assembled a massive arsenal of leading ocean conservationists and environmental leaders from all across the world.

Day one will be dedicated to high seas protection and coral reef conservation and restoration. The high seas include regions of the global ocean beyond national jurisdiction, some of the least protected and most threatened ecosystems in the world. Coral reefs make up only 0.1% of our oceans, but are responsible for supporting a quarter of all marine species — a delicate balance being threatened by rising water temperatures, acidification, destructive fishing practices and pollution.

Day two will explore sustainable fishing practices and innovative solutions to combat the 8 million tons of plastic dumped in our oceans each year. Day three will focus on the exploration and restoration of Australia’s high seas and the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Australian shark conservation with discussions from shark attack survivors.

The event is free and will be streamed on starting on June 9, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. CDT.

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Image via Dimitris Vetsikas