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Over the past 10 years, Clean Energy Trust has hosted a variety of flagship events that showcase the Midwest’s vast cleantech ecosystem. By spotlighting innovation in our region, we provide opportunities for connection and partnership. These connections help us to support early-stage startups working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability.

We develop these events with the goal of helping you, our attendees, achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Connect: We want you to make new connections and network with familiar contacts;
  2. Learn: We expose you to startups that demonstrate the power and greatness of the Midwest; and
  3. Be Inspired: We jam pack our events with conversations with exclusive keynote speakers so that you walk away from the event feeling emotionally connected and empowered to make an impact.

Clean Energy Challenge

Clean Energy Challenge

First, we brought you the Clean Energy Challenge, a day-long pitch competition during which cleantech startups competed head-to-head for hundreds of thousands of dollars of grant funding and bragging rights. Participants included:

  • LuminAID, an inflatable solar lantern that packs flat to be cost-effectively distributed after disaster;
  • NanoGraf, a high energy density Si-based anode material that has the long-term potential to replace graphitic-based anodes in lithium-ion batteries;
  • NovoMoto, social enterprise that provides renewable, sustainable electricity to Sub-Saharan Africa; and
  • Aker, an in-season crop monitoring platform for large farms.

We coupled the competition with thought leadership from industry powerhouses including Method co-founder and Ripple Foods CEO Adam Lowry, Nancy Pfund of DBL Partners, and Tom Steyer.

Co_Invest Cleantech

Then we brought you Co_Invest Cleantech, an annual celebration of Midwestern innovation. Each year, we unveiled our most recent cleantech investments, gave impact updates on our portfolio, and presented compelling keynote speakers who imparted wisdom and experience to an audience of over 300 investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and industry stakeholders. We announced investments in technologies including:

  • Go Electric, a microgrid control system and turnkey energy resiliency solution that was acquired by SAFT;
  • 75F, a building controls system that provides energy efficiency access to small and medium-sized commercial buildings;
  • NuMat Technologies, a method for storing gas that is more efficient and safer than traditional compression technologies;
  • Igor, a power-over-ethernet lighting, sensor, and data technology platform; and
  • Mobius, the first useable, entirely bio-based biodegradable plastic.

Our keynote speakers included Mindy Lubber of Ceres, Pratima Rangarajan of OGCI Climate Investments, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Proterra CEO Ryan Popple.

Virtual Road to Co_Invest Cleantech

And now, we are proud to bring you the Virtual Road to Co_Invest Cleantech. Beginning next week, Clean Energy Trust will host a series of virtual events that will break down geographic barriers by shining a light on what’s happening throughout the Midwest’s cleantech ecosystem. We will culminate the journey with Co_Invest Cleantech, which will celebrate the Midwest region as a whole and serve as a platform to celebrate our most recent investments.

Over the years, our annual event has evolved and taken shape based on the maturing cleantech sector and stakeholder feedback. This year is no different. In a time of unprecedented circumstances, we are quadrupling down on our events. Why? Because we believe that it is vital that we continue to shine a light on the innovation happening in the Midwest, even during a pandemic. Therefore, we are proud to present you with not one, but FOUR events that celebrate the Midwest’s cleantech ecosystem.

Minnesota — Wednesday, July 29 from 3:00–4:15pm CT
Missouri & Kansas — August (exact date and time TBD)
Wisconsin — September (exact date and time TBD)
Co_Invest Cleantech — October (exact date and time TBD)

Join us on Wednesday, July 29 from 3:00–4:15pm CT as we kick off our Virtual Road to Co_Invest Cleantech, beginning with the great state of Minnesota. During the event, you will meet Fortune 500 corporate innovators who are working with internal and external partners to achieve triple bottom line impact. Speakers include:

Virtual Road Speakers

Steve Montgomery — R&D Director, Bioindustrials, Cargill
Laura Nereng —
 New Business Development Lead, 3M
Emilio Tenuta — 
Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ecolab

You will also hear from the investors and startups who are leading the state’s fight for a cleaner, brighter future. Speakers include:

Virtual Road Speakers2

Brett Brohl — Managing Director, Techstars Farm to Fork
Brian Larson — 
Co-Founder and CEO of Darcy
Deepinder Singh — 
Founder & CEO, 75

We are excited to present Minnesota-based corporate innovators, investors, and startups who are working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. We hope their insights have you leaving the event feeling informed and inspired by the possibilities for connection and partnership.

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See you next week!

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